Perhaps the most problematic factor when dealing with foot & ankle pain is that the foot is one part of the body that cannot rest for day-to-day life to continue – its tissues are forever under stress.

Strapping with a hypoallergenic sports tape is a simple yet very effective technique which can be employed to offload specific areas of the foot for up to several days, and there’s no need to keep the foot dry during this time. Strapping is often used to offload the foot while custom foot orthotics are being created to permanently offload the problem area. Sometimes special self-adhesive compression bandaging can be used for particularly inflamed injuries.

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Choose Prahran Foot Clinic for taping and discover the expertise and experience we bring to foot and ankle care. Our skilled practitioners utilise hypoallergenic sports tape to offload specific areas of the foot, providing effective relief and stability. With our convenient and flexible approach, you can continue your daily activities without restrictions. We take a comprehensive approach to foot and ankle care, incorporating taping as part of personalised treatment plans that address the underlying causes of pain. Rest assured, our patient-centered care ensures your comfort and satisfaction throughout the taping process. Trust Prahran Foot Clinic for effective taping solutions and experience improved mobility and relief from foot and ankle discomfort.

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