Our Difference

Established in 2007, Prahran Foot Clinic focuses on providing treatment underpinned by experience and continuity. All clinicians hold dual qualifications and bring a wealth of experience to your consultation. Our chief podiatrists have been treating patients at Prahran Foot Clinic for over a decade.

We feel continuity is critical to a speedy resolution of your foot and ankle problem. At Prahran Foot Clinic you will not be shuffled between inexperienced graduates in sessional rented rooms, you will always be given the option of seeing the same experienced clinician at each of your consultations. Prahran Foot Clinic is a dedicated, stand-alone podiatry practice, operating with the sole purpose of resolving your foot and ankle problems. We believe in transparency and openness surrounding who will treat you, what will happen and how much you will pay. All of our relevant fees are listed on this website.

Most importantly, where possible your actual treatment takes place on the day of your first visit. A typical initial consultation involves gathering your medical & surgical history, listening to your problem, assessing you, diagnosing you, and finally hands-on treatment to provide relief on the day.

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