Our Difference

At Prahran Foot Clinic, hearing our patients say “my feet feel so much better after treatment!” pushes us to achieve further success. We understand that your foot pain is indeed in your foot, not in your head! 

This is why your podiatrist at Prahran Foot Clinic can utilise a variety of methods to ascertain the exact underlying cause of your foot problems, ranging from in-house clinical assessments, tools and evaluations to other investigations such as X-Ray, ultrasound or MRI. Where possible, treatment is usually commenced on your first consultation.  

After identifying the cause of your pain, a detailed, tailored treatment plan can then be created based on your unique circumstances. This efficient, evidence based approach is the key to resolving your foot pain.  

All podiatrists at the clinic carry at least several years of clinical experience, allowing you to be treated with confidence by any available clinician. All of our relevant fees are listed on this website.

Our Podiatrists

Meet our team of podiatrists who are dedicated to providing you with the best in foot & ankle care

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