About The Clinic

After studying together and graduating from Monash University as Registered Nurses in 2002, Owain Dymond and Jesse Hibbs developed a plan to create a dedicated, stand-alone podiatry clinic which would provide the highest level of foot & ankle care.

Studying together again and graduating from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Podiatry in 2006, the pair then promptly went to work in establishing Prahran Foot Clinic in 2007. With its modern environment, state of the art equipment and the flexibility of after hours and weekend appointments, Prahran Foot Clinic soon earned its reputation for personalised, professional service.

Today Prahran Foot Clinic continues to provide the highest quality treatment for all foot and ankle conditions, and works in collaboration with many local medical & allied health clinics to provide comprehensive treatment solutions to all foot & ankle conditions.

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Prahran podiatry
Prahran podiatry clinic