Orthotics and Insoles

Foot orthotics are specialised prescription devices that are worn in your shoes in order to distribute pressure and realign the joints of the foot. They can be used to eliminate abnormal biomechanics that cause pain.

Orthotics don’t always have to be worn all the time. Depending on your condition and footwear type, orthotics are often prescribed just for use in your exercise runners, where most of your foot stresses occur, allowing professional footwear to be used at work. This is particularly useful for professional women who cannot accommodate many orthotics in fashionable, corporate footwear. Your podiatrist at Prahran Foot Clinic will assess your everyday footwear and design an orthotic solution to alleviate your pain. You will not necessarily have to buy new/bigger shoes just to accommodate custom foot orthotics.

Why choose Prahran Foot Clinic?

Prahran Foot Clinic offers the latest 3D scanning technology to create the perfect custom foot orthotics for you. On your first consultation detailed 3D scans of your feet (accurate to 0.4mm) can be captured and combined with a prescription individual to each foot. This data is uploaded to our orthotic laboratory where your devices are milled with incredible precision, eliminating the invariable errors that can occur with older plaster casting techniques.  With a years of experience in custom foot orthotic prescription, your podiatrist at Prahran Foot Clinic will be able to select the custom foot orthotic style and materials to ensure the perfect fit for your foot and your shoes. In fact, custom foot orthotic options are now available for a wide variety of footwear, including runners, ballet flats, AFL boots and golf shoes.

Foot orthotics may be prescribed to treat a wide range of conditions both inside and above the foot, including:

  • Heel pain
  • Flat feet
  • Shin pain
  • Forefoot pain
  • Bunion pain
  • Knee pain

Example Orthotic Options

Please see below for some basic examples of some our orthotic options and all-inclusive pricing. All prices include a comprehensive consultation, visual gait analysis by your podiatrist, 3D scanning of your feet, a pair of custom foot orthotics as well as a fitting consultation which usually occurs about 14 days later.

The full-length ethyl-vinyl-acetate (EVA) custom foot orthotic provides the ultimate in comfort for running & hiking footwear. They can be manufactured in a variety of densities with several cushioning cover options to suit your needs.

Price: $659.00 (inclusive of two consultations)

The polypropylene three-quarter length custom foot orthotic with full-llength, cushioning top cover is a tough, versatile yet comfortable device suitable for all ages. Variations in prescription can see its application range from toe conditions to low back pain.

Price: $659.00 (inclusive of two consultations)

The lower profile 3/4 length polypropylene custom foot orthotic offers lightweight performance and durability. These orthotics are perfect for runners or those in the corporate setting requiring minimal orthotic profile.

Price: $659.00 (inclusive of two consultations)

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