Cryotherapy (freezing tissue) is today still the frontline treatment for viral lesions of the foot such as verrucae plantaris (plantar warts) and granulomas, though the technology behind its application has advanced.

These viral lesions require temperatures of up to −30°C in order to achieve the desired tissue destruction. Research shows that even liquid nitrogen when applied by cotton bud alone can only achieve a theoretical temperature of −20°C, usually insufficient to destroy plantar warts deep within the foot. To achieve and deliver sufficiently low temperatures in such a precise area an advanced delivery system is required.

Prahran Foot Clinic utilises the state of the art Brymill cryosurgical delivery system to treat foot lesions. This device is capable of delivering temperatures as low as −200°C per application. This delivery system allows targeting of lesions ranging from tiny buds to very large cluster (or mosaic) warts, minimizing unnecessary damage to surrounding tissues.


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