Shin Splints

Shin splints (referred to clinically as medial tibial stress syndrome) often begins as relatively mild discomfort, however it has the potential to become debilitating, particularly so for high performing individuals such as athletes.

Whilst underlying biomechanical factors (foot posture) often play a role that can be corrected with the use of custom foot orthotics, research shows that as little as one treatment with Radial Shockwave Therapy can be effective at reducing symptoms1, 2.

1. Garcia et al
2. Rompe et al

Why choose Prahran Foot Clinic?

Our experienced team understands the importance of addressing underlying biomechanical factors, such as foot posture, which often contribute to shin splints. We provide custom foot orthotics tailored to your specific needs, correcting biomechanical anomalies and providing long-term relief. Book your appointment today to receive personalised orthotic solutions for your shin splints.

In addition to custom foot orthotics, we offer the remarkable benefits of radial shockwave therapy. Research shows that even just one session of this advanced therapy can significantly reduce shin splint symptoms. Our skilled practitioners utilise radial shockwave therapy to deliver precise and targeted shockwaves to the affected area, stimulating healing and promoting tissue regeneration. Take the first step towards reducing your shin splint symptoms by contacting us to schedule a session of radial shockwave therapy.

At Prahran Foot Clinic, we are dedicated to providing effective and comprehensive care for shin splints. Trust our clinic to deliver personalised treatment plans, incorporating custom foot orthotics and innovative therapies like radial shockwave therapy, to help you overcome shin splint discomfort and achieve optimal performance.

Choose Prahran Foot Clinic to experience the difference in treating your shin splints. Contact us today and take the first step towards relieving your symptoms, enhancing your athletic performance, and getting back to doing what you love.

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