Ingrown Nail Surgery

Ingrown nail surgery is a safe and effective walk-in, walk-out procedure performed under a local anaesthetic at Prahran Foot Clinic.

Performed to permanently correct ongoing ingrown nails, the procedure involves removing a segment of nail just a few millimetres width. A chemical is applied to the nail bed to ensure the removed segment of nail does not regrow. A dressing is then applied and the toe is reassessed in a few days time. Most patients report little or no pain at all following the procedure.

  • The total cost for permanent ingrown nail surgery is $410 for one toe or $510 for two toes. This includes the day of your procedure, dressings and two follow up consultations. An initial consultation is required prior to surgery to ensure medical and anaesthetic suitability.

With current scientific literature demonstrating a 98.5% success rate, Prahran Foot Clinic’s nail surgery technique has been used to great effect on patients ranging in age from early teens to late eighties.

Prahran foot clinic

Jesse Hibbs performs a partial nail avulsion procedure

(Image used with permission).

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