Stage 4 Restrictions | Prahran Foot Clinic Open

COVID-19 | Stage 4 Restrictions

Prahran foot clinic

Prahran Foot Clinic will remain open during the Stage 4 Restrictions recently implemented in Melbourne.  As per advice from the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services treatment will be limited to services that will prevent a significant deterioration in functional independence necessitating escalation in care.

Prahran Foot Clinic will continue to provide treatment whilst implementing additional infection prevention and control measures. All staff have undertaken the Department of Health COVID-19 Infection Control Training and in addition both Podiatrists are Registered Nurses making Owain and Jesse acutely aware of maintaining our gold standard infection prevention & control procedures.

We encourage anyone who is experiencing lower limb problems to consider arranging to see one of our Podiatrists as opposed to placing undue pressure on General Practitioners or hospital emergency departments at this time.

To make an appointment or to discuss your suitability for treatment, please contact us on (03) 9529 6608