Ingrown Nails

At Prahran Foot Clinic we commonly see patients with ingrown toenails and can usually provide relief during your initial consultation.

An ingrown toenail (also known as onychocryptosis) is a common yet debilitating condition that results from the edge of the toenail growing down and into the soft skin on the side of the toe.

Ingrown nails are usually red, swollen and tender to the touch.  At times there may be a small amount of pus present.  Causes of ingrown nails range from trauma to the toenail, poor nail cutting technique, hereditary nail shape or even as a side effect of certain medications.

If ingrown nails return it may be necessary to perform a minor surgical procedure to prevent the side of the nail from growing back.  This  safe and effective surgical procedure, known as a partial nail avulsion, is performed at Prahran Foot Clinic under local anaesthetic with minimal (if any) post-operative discomfort. The procedure carries a documented 98.5% success rate.

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A common presentation of an ingrown toenail.

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